William Bakaimo

William Bakaimo

Born in 1988 in Maroua (north Cameroon). Since the age of 5 he has not stopped drawing and thus built his own world. He obtained a license in fundamental private law and a master’s degree in business law. In 2017 he obtained a design engineering degree in fine arts and decided to devote himself to painting.

The third child of a family that counts eight children, this position gives him responsibilities despite an unspeakable fear of the next day that grips him; fight to meet permanent needs.

In the north-west of Cameroon, he suffers from an isolation which, even if it is conducive to creation, turns out to be a brake on pursuing an artistic career.

Another change is announced, rich, abundant, astonishing. The one where the young man transforms reality into a world created from scratch, a labyrinth where doubts rub shoulders with contradictions, hope wins over fears. The artist takes precedence over an environment that suits him less even if he remains very attached to his family and to the duty incumbent on him.

2017 and 2018 are pivotal years when he painted his first masterpieces. Then begins the great moult, the transformation of the young man into an artist carrying many messages where hope prevails over darkness.