Water Vortex


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Story by : Natalie Bogtman

My message with this woolen painting is for the world to get in motion. Vortexes are mostly situated in front of rapids, and at the end of those gushing rivers there comes piece.  In many situations we need to create chaos before there is order. With this painting I want to express that abrasion gives shine, because the running water over years polishes the rocks. How more water vortexes there are, the more rivers there are, the more people can have acces to water and after having polished the rocks, see them as people that need to be turned, everybody is ready for the transition.
My work is felted with only soap and water and local sheep wool, in contrast with leather tanning industry. One of the most polluting industries, next to the fashion industry, both using tremandus amounts of perfectly good drinking water.



Size : 120 * 80

The woolen paintings are hand felted, unique, soft, and therefor comforting. But also have scientists revealed that wool significantly improve indoor air quality by rapidly absorbing the common pollutants formaldehyde, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. VOCs can be released from many common household items such as cleaners and disinfectants, air fresheners, printers and even home furnishings.

Wool carpet, for example, may in fact continue to purify the air for up to 30 years, helping prevent what is known as Sick Building Syndrome.

100% natural, renewable and biodegradable, wool’s inherent eco-credentials make it a conscious choice for those looking to furnish their home. Beyond rugs and upholstery, wool plays an increasingly large role in home design, with research, manufacturing developments and design innovation leading to its use in pieces as far ranging as curtains, bedding, lighting, artworks and decorative objects. With its luxurious finish, easy-to-care-for nature and health properties, wool is the natural choice for any interior.


The story of Natalie Bogtman

I am a wool processor, 43 years old. My atelier, that I built myself, is on a sustainable and circular place in Haarlem, called MAAK Haarlem. A breeding ground for circular, creative and inventive makers.I work with wool, a gracefull and forgiving material. But also a waste product for many sheep farmers and sheep sheerers. I want to make wool valubable again. My message to the world, when I started with felting and giving workshops over 10 years ago, was that we can stop with killing sheep for a nice rug.
But since wool is a waste material, I decided to solve the wool pile in the Netherlands. By making a plant fertilizer and soil improver of all waste wool. Since wool holds water and slowly releases it back to the plants, a great alternative for peat and plants need less watering. It gives organic nitrogen, junkfood for plants!

Thanks to the environment where my atelier is situated, I stay sharp en question myself weekly in what I cen do to improve my work processes, my product, my waste material, the material I buy, the packaging that clients receive after buying my products…

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SDG Story

Deze kunst is gemaakt in het verlengde van SDG doel 6 : Schoon drinkwater & Sanitaire voorzieningen. Miljoenen mensen hebben nog altijd geen toegang tot schoon drinkwater of kampen met extreem slechte sanitaire mogelijkheden. Hierdoor komt de gezondheid en veiligheid van veel mensen in het geding.  Lees inspirerende en motiverende verhalen over SDG doel 6 bij ARTIVIST’s SDG Stories.


Door dit kunstwerk te kopen maak je direct verschil. 100% van de nettowinst wordt gedoneerd aan het Udhyami project in Nepal. Samenwerkend partner Simavi coördineert dit project. Een gerenommeerde stichting die al tientallen jaren vecht voor het recht op schoon drinkwater. Hierbij worden met name vrouwen/meisjes in hun kracht gezet. Meer lezen over het Udyhami project en Simavi, klik hier.